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Digishon has moved into TUMBLR as most of you are fans, please take the time to update your files and follow, share and let us know if you need help at

Digishon pounding the pavement for street style 4 a bit longer

From Berlin, these fabo Vintage German Booties can take you anywhere in the world, plus it makes a strong statement about what you step out in.  Our street stylish lady is original - she apparently feels good wearing them and encourages that chic bootie with a new sustainable pair found at KAIGHT. Blogger for German Stylish mommy site - Yvonne Vavra, makes an effortless foot fashion stand out on the subways of New York Street Style.  Not just a fashion maven, they look absolutely comfy. green booties

New Blood = New rules is growing and inviting young digerati to join our community.  For the last month, testing the waters at your favorite blog platform - tumblr. We decided to give you instant gratification by getting a head start before we shared it here...Plus, we saw most of you are there because you can easily add and share, and too - not exclude ourselves, we will continue to keep our here with limited posts, until the end of May...

Since our Women's New York Fashion Week coverage of J.Mendel, Carolina Herrera and Nicole Miller, amongst others, we have rolled out on new blood.  Joining us will be writers and content creators in American Styles for EVERY men's fashion shopper.  We don't prefere one over another...our Manly Man and Gay Boyfriends will love all of it, and find our articles interesting because we speak to the intellectuals, hipster, and gansta-artist enthusiasts, something for all our dudes...We remain like Canada - Neutral. 

What does that mean? Well, effective immediately we will be moving our blog activity to our new

Moving with the sign of the times..

Find out where we have been, and our partners, and stylist, journalist/bloggers are distributing content and sharing their own opinions in Southern California - Los Angeles, Germany, Norway, Latin America and possibly China in the near future.

We are extremely proud of making this move and we hope you add and share your opinions as we are expanding and having you in mind first.

J.Mendel Runway best crafted collection - and the rest

Many designers fancy having a selected few of loyal followers to take a seat in front row at during their Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, though few such as J.Mendel can find dedicated actresses such as  Catherine Heigl, and style makers such as Beth Ostrosky Stern that love his designs as much as their animals. favored this team of artisans for their lovely drapery, jeweled toned and block coloring on cut out patten leather trimmed and sometimes fur lined pieces.  J.Mendel kept the fur to a minimum and while, not all are a fan of fur, his collection was not the only one placing an emphasis on real fur, and plenty have been worn during this weeks street style@ #NYFW.  

We really loved everything that strutted by the runway, so to see more visit our page for the rest of his show

We couldn't end the coverage without addressing Rachel Zoe because she has had such an impact on the fashion's behind the scenes of Hollywood celebrity styling through her success as a reality star on BRAVO network.  Digishon believes everybody deserves a chance to live their dream, thus, we hate to poopooo her collection because it is a big challenge putting on an entire collection for the world to see that gets bad reviews. To stand next to the masters Carolina Herrera, Oscar De LaRenta ( who incidently hush hush collab with John Galliano), Diane Von Furstenberg and Nicole Miller is not only unfair, its un-realistic because its not on the same design level.  Yet perhaps she will get there one day, and we encourage everyone to go and live your dream. We also won't say she should stick to her reality show, but there was some sense that the collection was not polished and ill fitting...its better for second tier contemporary collection in the LA market.  As our founder is a SoCal native, we understand... Its just different. Mildred Brignoni and her were friends and vied for the same jobs back in early 2000's.  Their stars shined and moved in different directions.

Digishon Fall Fashion 2013 coverage is like getting your weekly blowout, manicure and daily workout are rolled up into a big ol' fashion necessity. Myself along with combined efforts are sharing our exclusive stories in social media and fashion during the New York Fashion Week, fall 2013. 
Here Custo Barcelona showed plenty of fur, flouncy genie pants and geometric shaped garments matching his colorful and pattern driven line.
See for yourself videos of our favorite collections and follow the rest of the shows we were honored to be invited too here: 

DVF an every woman-fashion mogul and master.

Diane Von Furstenberg knows how to run a profitable business because she speaks to all women from any age, and size, making the women she dresses speak highly of her timelessness.  Yes mam, her clothes are comfortable. Her designs translate to your mood.  Though her clothes are pricey, the luxury collection is for every season. Best of all, they make you feel sexy because they are a work of art. See above happy campers?  These ladies represent the DVF fashion line, Alley, Krysten and Christine are honored to be working for a master as well as watching a business mogul rule the runway at Mercedes Benz New York fashion week.
Farah Fawcet hair and 70's dolls led great hair ( notice DAPHNE of Red Models - black goddess )

We love all of them but there is the FASHION,...rocking Chanel shoes w/ Diane Von Furstenberg genie pants.  Thats my girl!
Mildred Brignoni stylist for over 15 years asked them to bring back DVF mule kitten heal shoes adorned with bows circa 1999.  

Moody but a Sober Latino Story of fall fashion 2013

Peru is the backdrop behind Latino designer Sergio Davila fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion week 2013.

For fall he haunts us by reinventing notions of Peruvian history and makes a deep distinction away from playing trends.  Designed for people of all colors and body images, Sergio Davila's styles were not adorned with fluff and silliness, instead he made a statement of dark shadows and transforms his runway into a real city street.  Either moody or challenged, it all depends on how one interprets it.  Though, his newness is all about the Latinos departure from yesterday's images...ready to take on any challenge, and adversity is seen as opportunity.  

Latinos are embarking on expressions on and off of yesterday.  Savvy Trickery? They themselves are creating on the runway and in the media then leaving their legacy through their own great stories. Along with Puerto Rican Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayer and her book "My Beloved World", indeed it is a proud time for everybody to appreciate how far and proud we have come from having built American and European economies on the backs of ancestors.

Some spend too much time at New York's famous fashion week 2013...then to be taunted by Kelly Cutrone as she kicks you out of your front row seat for someone more famous than you.  There is that.  She told a sitting patron to get up and move because he should be lucky he was invited at all.  You gotta love her for being herself. 


Most young fashion enthusiasts start off by shooting any behind the scenes celebrity sitings for their magazines. Point in case, a lovely and broke blogger / photographer expresses her love of fashion. Sigh,.. for her it seems the price of luxury is worth it, and it means that she has to get creative on how she is going to pay for it.  She stays focused on budet, but she will afford her lifestyle.  This cute gal wears a sheep fur lined fire engine red ACME alpaca wool coat she AND her house mate purchased together because they couldn't afford it alone.  Luckily they remain friends. But what happens when one of them wants to move out?  Who gets to keep it? 

A little brightening for 0 degree day?

Frigid weather? Yes.  2013 started off rough.  Everybody is aggressive. 

What do we do after Artica like temperatures keeps us from running and biking in the winter?  For sure, pounding the pavement in 5'inch heels won't work.  Fashion suffers during too. Heck, even strolling up a street for window shopping is not fun. 

Heading from Natural History Museum toward Lincoln Center, a little heaven that warms your body sits SoulCycle perched on the corner of 77st and Amsterdam on the UWS (Upper West Side) in Manhattan.   

Rockstar Spinners and enthusiasts come here for a little more than getting all sweaty.  It is a wonderful boutique environment that inspires you to release all the toxins and helps you unwind.  Taking back control, and making your life experiences from lemons into lemonade. 

The mood here is little clubby meets - healthy attack. And on ones day like this, it is both Manhattan luxury meets sunny SoCal relaxing because of its graphic design elements and beachy chic inspired fashions.Another perk for this luxurious cycling studio is their really great sound system.  Depending on your instructor, music choices vary, however, one thing is certain- all of the group spinning instructors have rythme and stay to the beat ( don't you hate it when they dont? ). The greatest part of this is that regardless of who is leading, they will speak to your soul.  Our personal connection with one of these soul sisters started in 2001. We first met Stacy Griffith at the Crunch of West Hollywood.  She rocked it then with soothing techno beats and she rocks it now. Even inspiring a trucker hat design Soul Gear. .  

Getting your groove on inside a cycling boutique clinic is probably one of the best ideas yet.  Not that we don't love really nice health spas like Equinox, but between Pure Yoga that is a yoga boutique and Soul Cycle, who needs big 'ol gyms anymore?

Inauguration Promise for American Designers and Styles

Michelle Obama has risen the visibility of yet another important area of country in unveiling fashion industry's unknowns.  For most designers struggling to get noticed, the biggest influence and most thoughtful woman to preserve American Fashion amongst a struggling economy is our First Lady.   Frivolous although it may seen, our economy depends on this kind of support.

Today, on MLK day 2013, the 21st of January, our President and his lovely family embraced style for a fashion statement that exceeded trends.  A coat designed by Thom Browne of Boston dressed Ms.Obama.  Unifying the family's style, her daughters wore shades of purple and blue.  

Thom Browne made interesting choices for Michelle's look that would be worn and seen by the entire world.  Mr. Browne custom made and designed her coat out of tie material.  The tailored garment was perfect fit for the first lady's statuesque body.  Michelle Obama's coat sported no wrinkles and surely must have kept her warm through the long walk throughout the parade.  

But let us not forget that the importance of this day is the results of our fight for freedom and equality manifested with our first African American President since the emancipation proclomation ( 150 years ago ).  President Obama elegantly spoke of the rights of our citizens. His speech included words to furthering the work to improve our politics and that he was determined to reach those victories again while he leads our country for four more years. Such was a beautiful day in Washington D.C, the presidents' speech spoke volumes to our struggles and our accomplishments.

Civil Wars Songstress dresses and little gems in East Village

New Year needs new digs.  For that my pretties, we are trotting in our good thigh high 70's vintage mauve colored boots, ( we only paid $3 dollars for them in hidden jewel of secret thrift shop in the tough streets of East LA), to the East Village and one of top 25 boutiques of New Year finds WARM in Soho.  Off onto the pavements searching for unique young hipsters that are as special as our clients and celebrity friends.  Check out our latest Pinterest game and play along by suggesting and sharing your comments with the rest of us.